The festive season has only just ended and Candlemas is already here! In countries where gastronomy takes centre stage, it is sometimes difficult to control your weight! However, there are solutions, whether a case of reducing the effects of overeating while staying in shape or preparing for a diet.

A valuable aid for limiting calorie intake

It’s pointless putting yourself on a dry diet, restricting yourself for a certain period of time does not allow for good dietary practices to be adopted over the long term and can result in the return of extra pounds. Less fat and sugar, balanced meals with an emphasis on vegetables, protein and fibre should help you to get back in shape. However, because in this area, a little boost is always welcomed, you can also take a course of calorie absorbers.

Their blotter effect absorbs fats and sugars so that they are no longer assimilable by the body, and all quite gently and naturally!

As we age, our metabolism changes

As we age, the metabolism rate, that is the number of calories expended by the body to sustain our basic life functions, decreases. If dietary habits don't change, weight gain is an inevitable consequence. On the other hand, it is estimated that muscle mass decreases by 2 to 3% per decade in adults. Less muscle also means fewer calories expended during rest which are then stored as fat.

However, just 30 minutes of gentle exercise, such as walking, is sufficient to offset this excess of unused calories, and when combined with meals that are less rich and calorie absorber dietary supplements, your weight loss goal can be achieved quickly!