Laboratoires Nutreov,
founded by a team of pioneering experts.

Founded almost 20 years ago by doctors, pharmacists and scientists passionate about phytotherapy and micronutrition gathered around a common observation: the most common chronic illnesses are linked to diet.

Impelled by the need to restore nutritional balance through the appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals, these pioneering experts founded Laboratoires Nutreov.

“Inspired by nature, we share our scientific expertise for the benefit of everyone. ”

Nutreov invented

Guided by the desire to combine science, health and nature in harmony, the experts from Nutreov laboratories are the inventors of Phyto-Nutraceuticals, a major advance in natural microNutrition

Close to everyone’s needs, the Nutreov laboratory formulates products with targeted and proven effectiveness, for the well-being and health of all.

Based in Auvergne,
the heart of our source of inspiration

Laboratoires Nutreov are located in the heart of Auvergne, the volcano region listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

With over 2000 endogenous plant species, this natural land is a real botanical reservation with a wide array of 4500 flower species, one of the widest in Europe!

This precious source of inspiration allows us to conceive innovative formulas capable of improving the lives of everyone in respect for nature.

An association
with botanical experts

A fusion of phytotherapy and micronutrition, Phyto-Nutraceuticals constitutes an alternative to chemistry-based solutions.

To go further in the search for complete solutions essential to your well-being, the experts at Nutreov laboratories have teamed up with botanical experts to make the most of the benefits of nature.

Nutreov, 1st phyto-nutraceutical laboratory

PHYTO-nutraceuticals combine the technologies of phytotherapy and micronutrition in order
to provide preventive and curative health solutions adapted to all ages



Unlock the healing power of plants and natural active ingredients



Restore your nutritional balance



Prevent and treat various ailments


The 3 P’s of phyto-nutraceuticals

Our solutions take into account the close relationships between physiological balance, physical condition and psychological well-being.



Provide overall good physical condition


At at a behavioural and emotional level


Promote the healthy functioning of all of the organs