The festive season is also often a period of excesses of all kinds. Overly rich food, a little more alcohol than usual, shorter nights and fatigue, bloating and other headaches remind us that our body needs a break.

Deep cleansing of the intestine

Once the digestive process has finished, food residues can be found in our colon, the purpose of which is to eliminate them through transmission. This fragile mechanism can be altered by additional toxic molecules resulting in inflammatory reactions which will have an impact on the entire system.

Cleansing the digestive system thoroughly offers the dual benefit of alleviating digestive disorders and lightening the workload of the liver.

Helping the liver to eliminate waste

Our liver eliminates toxins, known as xenobiotics, from the body. This blood filter also rids the body of non water soluble residues, chemical products (pesticides, preservatives etc.) found in our modern diets.

But, in the long run, such undesirable waste ends up accumulating.

The first thing to do of course is to return to a healthy dietary pattern opting for seasonal fruit and vegetables, drinking a sufficient quantity of water and reducing sugar, fat and alcohol.

But don’t forget that natural dietary supplements improve the effectiveness of good dietary habits.

Milk thistle helps to purify the body gently while facilitating the digestive functions.

Burdock promotes liver well-being and dandelion supports liver function.

With regular exercise and rest, overeating will soon be a thing of the past!

Stimulate the kidney function

The kidneys play a key role in the elimination of toxic waste produced by the body and transported through the blood. These filters therefore balance our body’s needs in minerals such as sodium and potassium, the lack or excess of which has significant consequences on health.

Although drinking a sufficient quantity of water maintains their correct functioning plants such as birch, chicory, dandelion are known to help stimulate them naturally.